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Tax Resolution Success Show

Mar 25, 2021

Scott Zarret is a CPA who went to school at the University of Maryland and is the founder of They are the largest provider of free continuing education to the accounting profession and have over 365,000 members.

  • Scott comes from a family of accountants/educators so what he’s doing now is not a far cry...

Mar 11, 2021

Chris Rivera is the director of client relations and business development at Entigrity, a leading offshore solutions provider to the tax and accounting space. Chris’s background had always been in client relations. He came from the corporate world and worked in a number of industries but he wasn’t particularly happy...

Mar 4, 2021

Jaime Buchwald is the Co-founder and CEO of Pitbull Tax Software, which is the premier software used by tax resolution professionals and the industry in general.

  • Jaime originally created his software company because he originally had the same problem that most successful tax resolution firms had, specifically he was...