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Tax Resolution Success Show

Oct 17, 2019

Jeffrey Schneider has a tax and accounting service, but he also has a separate company that helps taxpayers with tax resolution and solving their IRS problems.

[3:40] When Michael presented the Audit Protection Plan, the first thing that Jeffrey thought was “free money.”

[4:30] Michael originally got into the tax...

Oct 10, 2019

Ben Golden lives in Thomasville, Alabama, which is a town of only 1800 people. He sold his practice in Florida five years ago and purchased a construction company, but he wanted to get back into the business, just not the compliance side. He saw Michael’s program, but had some major concerns about living in a...

Oct 3, 2019

Chris Micklatcher started off as a lawyer in Portland, Maine, focusing on estate planning and tax work. The transition to tax resolution came 30 years ago when a client came into his office that needed some help with his back taxes. Back then, it was very easy to find new clients, but now the market for the business...